AMSB #2: Prada Shoes

When I opened the package from Bluefly & Stylelist for my second challenge, my jaw dropped to the floor. It was a BEAUTIFUL pair of gray, suede Prada booties with fine studding embellishments! The Prada shoes were sleek, classic, and had just the right edge to it! I immediately knew right off the bat I wanted my look to emulate those same qualities. My color palette consisted of mainly grays and blacks for a more mature and elegant element to the wear. I wore a gray studded tank dress with an asymmetrical hemming under a draping, black cardigan. Layering the two created an interesting jagged and disheveled hemline. To give it more shape, I cinched the outfit with a black and gold skinny belt. The cream gloves that I wore (a “do it yourself project”), was lined with delicate buttons and had open eyelets on the side cuffs. Finally, to make the gray Prada shoes pop, I paired it against sheer cream, scrunched knee length stockings.