DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf

This is the most easiest DIY ever! A very fun and simple DIY wrap-turned-scarf project that takes less than a minute to create and requires only one piece of fabric!

materials: scissors, measuring tape, and a rectangular piece of fabric (approximately 60 inches long).

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half from left to right.

Step 2: With the measuring tape, measure six inches down and six inches over from the folded side. Then cut an eight inch vertical slit.

Step 3: Open up the fabric and there should be two openings for your arms to go through.

That's it! Easy breezy right? This is a very versatile piece with many different styling options. It also works great if you want to pack light for your travels. Please, please credit and link back to Behind the Seams when using this tutorial. Thanks!!