NY Photo Diary (Soho)

1. Outfit details: vintage denim dress, Topshop boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses 2. Crisscross 3. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 4. Arizona Muse for DVF 5. "Survival of Serena" 6. My cat has magic powers. 7. fruits fruits fruits 8. Schouler 9. Good read. 10. Random New Yorker with his cute floral boots 11. Cupcake break 12. Stop and stare. 13. Happy dog 14. Graffiti, a bike, and a pigeon 15. The breezy weather was perfect for shopping! 16. Cafe Bari's saucy fries 17. lights 18. Rag & Bone is ready for Fall. 19. JUMP!

I love Soho.