DIY: Studded Elbow Patches

Hey guys! Do you have an old sweater laying around? Well here's a fun tutorial on how you can spruce it up with some studded elbow patches!

Supplies you will need: 
- two square pieces of leather or vinyl
-a piece of paper
-a Sharpie permanent marker
-razor knife
-studs (you can order it on Ebay)

Step 1: Take a piece of paper and cut out an oval stencil for the elbow patches.

Step 2: Outline the stencil on the back of the leather/vinyl piece.

Step 3: Cut out two elbow patches.

Step 4: Clasp the studs on both elbow patches. If you make a mistake, you can always use your razor knife to unclasp the studs. *Be careful not to cut yourself!

Step 5: Use as many studs as you like! The more the better.

Step 6: Check to make sure all the studs are securely reinforced.

Step 7: The studded elbow patches are now ready to go on the sweater!

Step 8:  Wear the sweater on and mark the center of both elbows with a permanent marker. Take the sweater off and lay the back of the sleeve on a flat surface. Next, place the studded elbow patch where you have marked it with the marker.

Step 9: Thread needle and sew both patches on the back of the sleeves. Be careful not to sew through the front side of the sleeve.

Step 10: The back of the sleeve should look like this.

Step 11: Finished!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please credit Behind the Seams if you are using this DIY.  Thanks!