Finding Inspiration.

"This post was sponsored by smartwater through their partnership with Mode Media.  While I was compensated to write a post about smartwater, all opinions are my own."

Hi guys!  I just got back from a very busy but fun filled trip to New York! A few common questions that my readers ask me about are, “Where do you find your style inspiration? How do you stay inspired during Fashion Week?” There are many aspects in my life that inspire me. If you take a look around you, you can find inspiration everywhere! It can generate from an experience, place, person, or dream. Inspiration creates new ideas and pushes you toward a positive direction in life. I have compiled a list of my favorite ways of finding inspiration and balance. If you are feeling stuck, give these suggestions a try to get your creative juices flowing!

Surround yourself in nature. One of my all time favorite places to look for inspiration is the beach! I love breathing in the salty air, watching the sunset, and listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves. A quiet place can help you gather your thoughts and find new ideas.

Exercise. Daily physical activity can help boost mental skills and inspire creativity!

Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated. Fruits provide excellent brain fuel! Some of my favorite snacks are strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple! Drinking plenty of water during a busy schedule will also keep you focused and alert throughout a busy schedule. Amidst the Fashion Week chaos, I always remember to carry a small snack and a bottle of smartwater with me!

Listen to music. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs and listen to them when you’re having a mental block.

Create a mood board. Collect your favorite magazine tears and pin it to a board! Mood boards are a great way to find the motivation you need for an upcoming project.

Keep a small notepad with you. Jot down any inspiring ideas whenever it comes to mind. I like to keep a notepad near my bed to capture my thoughts before bed.

Watch Fashion Week’s top designer, Michelle Smith as she share about staying inspired!

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