Perky Doesn’t
Equal Perfect:
It’s #MyBeautyMySay

Who says beauty has to come in only one shape, one color, or one cup size? That’s right, I’m talking about breasts! Boobies, ta-tas, melons, hooters, knockers, whatever you like to call them.
Personally, I’m not as well endowed as those swimsuit models you see in magazines. Growing up, it was always embedded in my mind that to be beautiful you need to have large, perky, perfect breasts. I got those messages from television, magazines, Internet, and even my peers.

I’m comfortable in my own skin now, but like all women, there are still times when I experience moments of self-consciousness. As women, we’re bombarded everyday with images of what it means to be “sexy.” We’re told that only women with perfect breasts can look hot in a swimsuit, that men only care about big boobs, and that somehow, women who don’t fit this mold aren’t desirable.
This causes women to lose their voice because they feel unsexy, to contemplate breast implants, and to avoid the beach in the summer. These are feelings that stay with young women and girls, even as we grow into our own skin, because there are reminders are literally everywhere of how we are “supposed” to look.

I have grown to realize it doesn’t matter what body type I have or how big or small my breasts are. I’ve learned to love and embrace my body the way it is. Changing the size of my breasts today would feel foreign because this is the body that I’ve grown to love. I wouldn’t want to have my ta-tas any other way! And that is the message we should be teaching young girls and young women! Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful, and that goes for our breasts too!

Dove recently launched the #MyBeautyMySay video campaign, empowering women to rise above beauty limits and not let beauty standards keep them from reaching their full potential. In the campaign video, 9 women share their stories about standing up against negative criticism directed at their own unique beauty. It’s such an inspiring and compelling campaign!

Let’s change what people perceive as beautiful. Breasts are not always perfectly symmetrical. Some are large and some are small. Some sit high and some sit low. We should all encourage positivity and not put limitations on each other’s beauty. As women, we should strive to motivate, inspire, and empower each other! Please join me in Dove’s powerful movement and share your own story with the hashtag #MyBeautyMySay on social media!

This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Dove blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”